Tarot Readings with Tony Olliver 

Tarot in Fareham Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, London.


Endorsed by the Tarot Association of the

British Isles ( 2011 ).





Helping you to find answers in your life

Tony Olliver reiki tarot fareham hampshire london

Mobile - 07824 555065


 45 minute reading 

£30 Inc FREE audio MP3 recording

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Just to say words cannot express how fabulous your reading was!  Jaw-droppingly awesome.

Sarah, Surrey


Its reassuring to know that there is no urgency for me to leave - that is a great relief - thankyou!. Thank you again - you really have helped me to stop panicking and have helped me put some perspective on it.

Marie, Hampshire


There was things you spoke off last year that didn't make sense when I was there but they certainly do now! Thank You, I found you completely accurate... and I know I will be having a reading with you again, soon for sure.

Ruby, Paris


This is really impressive Tony, fantastic stuff.

Joe, London


My Reading was amazing.....or as I would say.....completely mental! I have honestly not seen tarot work in this way so accurately....Thankyou.

Robert, Republic of Ireland


Brilliant Stuff Tony! Spot on with your prediction. I cannot thank you enougth !

Jenny, London


Thank you Tony. Amazing insight into my situation.

David, Hampshire

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